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In search of Aislin: The Southern Continent Story

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Lalosumire Saphia Mizaria

In search of Aislin: The Southern Continent Story

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New story!

He isn't interested in me Sileia concluded as she erased her call history and text messaging log. Even after I've told him about Aislin, he only sees me as a piece of ass

Her fury intensified as she pocketed the cell phone. How many years had she pined for this guy, only for him to toss her to the side for his clingy ex-girlfriend? Three years, she counted. Thanks, Gevurah. Thanks for moping around here, but I've got my own mission to do.

Gevurah had finished the connection with Keli'i and no longer needed to communicate with Sileia. While Sileia had hopes that Keli'i would help her in the Aislin mission, he avoided her every call and approach. "I'm busy." was his excuse- but Sileia could smell a lie right away. Busy with your ex-girlfriend.. She had concluded while briskly walking through Waikiki.

Sileia knew about Aislin as long as the others did, but living in the rural American South had its limitations and was unable to attend a particular boarding school in Great Britain. Public school suited Sileia well as she excelled in most subjects- but her social life was virtually nonexistent as she continuously ventured back and forth to Aislin. Her so-called friends didn't care that Sileia missed out on gatherings due to fatigue or sickness, and her family didn't mind having an introverted daughter.

However, Sileia's choice of college depended on the Aislin connection.

Her counterpart, the fearful Queen Silluna Denasi gave her visuals of a particular sacred site- the Mystic Isles. She had been warned that a tyrant ruler from the Northern Continent was in search of a "hidden but easily accessible" portal to their world and could spell apocalyptic trouble for their dimension. Silluna had a protective barrier around the area but wasn't sure how long it was going to last- and she desperately needed the help of other rulers but no way to communicate with them as they all fled to the Otherworld as well. Silluna bestowed her power to Sileia in hopes of finding the reincarnated Aislin rulers and of finding the portal.

The portal was located in the tropical paradise of Hawai'i. Sileia just did not know which island or valley it was located in. In the beginning, Sileia was ready to give up until she met- and made out with- Keli'i, a Hawaiian. That was when Gevurah started speaking to her. Gevurah was the high chief of Manista, the main island of the Mystic nation. He quietly accepted Silluna's annexation to the Empire due to the new war brewing. But deep down inside, he wanted to fight as well- these were his lands, after all.

Gevurah continuously talked to Sileia until she met with Keli'i again. Another date and Gevurah had made the connection with Keli'i despite his conscious will. Now, neither Gevurah nor Keli'i were interested in talking with Sileia and it had left her depressed. She was ready to give up again until she walked into a hula class. One sweaty hour later, Sileia became convinced she could finish her mission.

"One of these Hawaiian chants leads the way to the portal." She stated out loud. "I just have to find out which one it is."

She wasn't entirely alone in her search. A year prior, she met with Arialei, who was now living in Hawai'i with her sister, Anniya. Sileia put Arialei in her place after Arialei revealed about Aislin and Kunona. Arialei, a ruler? As if! were Sileia's initial thoughts. After a thorough discussion, they concluded that Arialei was a reincarnated priestess who at one time was very close with the Northern Continent's aristocracy. Violent rulers forced Arialei to flee south where she would finally meet up with Silluna. Along the way, she met Gevurah and Marilyle, the leaders of the Mystic- not Tigrari- Isles and treated them as equals to Silluna. But once again, war forced Arialei to flee to the Otherworld and she was reborn in Brazil. Thanks to her parents' focus on education, Arialei had been able to attend Hogwarts in Great Britain through a relative and met the other reincarnates. She helped stop the Great War from spilling into their realm. Now she was helping out again.

Through Arialei, Sileia gained the contact information of two reincarnates- Tehryerah Tzat and Lucy Sorcierie. She hesitated contacting them. They probably did not want to be reminded of that place again. But she needed allies. After I find the portal... She stated to herself. I'll contact them.

Her hand scooped up five books in the Hawaiiana section of Borders. The path to the portal has to be here somewhere... She concluded.


"Hey Keli'i, it's me, Sileia. Listen, I know you're probably tired of me calling you so I'm not going to bother you anymore. But if the dreams of Aislin start getting too intense, don't hesitate to give me a call."

He blankly looked at the call screen. It was the last message that she had given him, and that was two weeks ago. She had not called him since.

Sorry, Sileia...hold on a little longer..He pleaded inside of his mind. It wasn't necessarily his fault that his ex-girlfriend had shown up on his doorstep with her bags- but she did and he couldn't leave her out on the street. He took her inside of his house, accommodated her, and tried to explain to her his lack of interest in her. There were many shouting matches, sob stories and "make up" sex- but it was all fruitless. His heart did not belong to her- it belonged to Sileia.

I should call her. He thought as he weighed the phone in his hand. Her deep, raspy voice and sarcastic sense of humor would move him off of his bed, into his Jeep and wherever she was in order to hold her. Control yourself, only a few more days...

*So, I see you're fighting with yourself again*
Keli'i clenched his fists. Ever since the incident, this chief- from Maniwhatever- had been invading his mind and talking to them.
"Leave me alone." He said out loud.
*How can I ever leave you? I have a connection. Look, eventually you will meet Sileia again- but you may stand in her way.*
"Stand ...in her way?"
*It's just like I told you. There's a portal to our world somewhere in these islands and she's looking for it like mad. Someone on our side is looking for it too and I'm not sure what kind or how strong the barrier SHE put up is going to last.*

Then let them find the damn portal.. He thought.

*He's going to kill a lot of people. Do you think you-or I- can stand aside and let that happen?*

*Didn't think so. You've got to find the portal as well- and thankfully you've got me. It's our land and we have to protect it from the power-hungry vultures like them.*


*That's all they are, man. Even her. Power-obsessed. It is the main reason why she wouldn't marry me. Power dictates her country. She can't stand to lose it- not even to the man she loves. I don't want to be cruel, but if Sileia is anything like her- you have to be prepared to fight.*

"Prepared..." That was why he started going to the gym every day for nearly 4 hours. Cardio, weight lifting, boxing, martial training- not to look good or stay healthy, but preparing for a fight. There were lives to be protected, land to save...

But at what cost? My own heart?

It started with a song.
A song she repeatedly played in her head.
The first song he sang while she worked. The Temptations' "My Girl". It was a rather splendid cover of the song- he sang it perfectly. After he finished, everyone was singing their own version of the song, entirely off-key.

Save for herself. She mentally recorded the song in her head and replayed it.

Then she saw him.

He strolled around the food court, as if looking for something in particular. He was dashing in a full black suit that matched his wavy black hair and almond skin.

However, it was the eyes that hooked her. Or did her eyes hook him?

His pace quickened to her counter and he darted his eyes back and forth between the bottled sodas and Sileia. Although there was no one else standing in line, she was getting impatient.

"Do you want the strawberry melon or the pink lemonade?" She curtly asked. He looked her directly in the eye.

"You're hot-" He started as Sileia's heart raced. "I'm mean, I'm hot and thirsty...I'll, uh, take the water."

His compliment had thrown her off. She was used to catcalls and whistles, but not a direct statement by a handsome gentleman.

"Si-"He read off the nametag. "Leia. My name is Keli'i."

"Ke-li-i." Sileia stammered. He held his fist out to her and she met with one of her own.

She would not talk to him for another month.

The song had changed to the Don and Juan classic, "What's your name?" Once again it was a beautiful rendition, but Sileia wondered if he chose the song just for her.

During this time, she met the girlfriend.

She followed him virtually everywhere and he carried her purse. Sileia never saw him smile, which worried her. A guy like him deserves to be happy and smile all the time. But she concluded that it wasn't her place to interfere.

But it would be.

One day, she watched him walk down the escalator and head straight for her counter. There was a wide grin on his face as he approached her.

"So my girlfriend and I separated. She's on the mainland." He started. Why are you telling me this She wondered. He drummed the counter before grabbing her hand.

"When can I take you out?" He gazed into her eyes; Sileia was stunned.

"Uh-I-I-I dunno, my schedule is busy...I'll have to check..." She muttered. You have a girlfriend!She shouted in her mind. Have some restraint!

But he was persistent. Every day he stopped by, kissed her on the cheek, and talked to her. He got her phone number, her work schedule, likes and dislikes, and where she lived.

But he wanted a date.

"You busy tomorrow?" He asked, Sileia shook her head. "I've got a performance early in the morning, then nothing until the show...how about a trip around the island? Hawaiian style." His pearl white teeth mesmerized Sileia and finally she caved in.

"Alright." She complied.

The trip didn't happen.

After waiting for an hour, she called his cell phone only to get his answering machine. Figures, probably with his girlfriend. She thought and sulked all day until the performance.

"I'm sorry, I slept in.." He apologized as Sileia rolled her eyes. Whatever..

The next evening Sileia was off and decided to see the full show for free. She dressed up properly- green tank top, short willowy black skirt, sandals, hair in a ponytail and makeup. She stunned everyone in her presence.

"Wow, wow." Everyone echoed. Sileia smiled with beaming confidence. She had to prove that she was prime meat on the market to a particular person.

And he got the message.

After the show, Sileia walked on Waikiki Beach until 9:30pm, then she walked back to her workplace.

"Ahhh...your friend stopped by." A coworker stated.

"Friend?" She asked.

"Your friend, the singer." The coworker replied. "He was looking for you." Immediately Sileia checked her phone. 13 missed calls and 4 messages all stemming from one number- his. She dialed his number and called him.

"Silei-"He answered. "Are you free tonight?"

"Uh yeah."

"Want to go flower picking with me?" He asked.


Her feet directed her out of Waikiki to Moilili, while she waited for him to arrive. A white Jeep zoomed into an empty parking lot and he jumped out.

"Behind you." She called out as he turned around. His eyes lit up with excitement and his mouth stretched from cheek to cheek.

"Sileia." He whispered as he hugged her. It was the first time in her life she felt warm and complete.

"I have you all to myself." He muttered in her ear. There was something familiar in his voice, his choice of words that sent chills down her spine.

She quietly observed as one by one he plucked plumerias from a tree in Manoa. She learned that the white-and-yellow fragrant flowers emitted a white, sticky substance that irritated the skin. She listened to his instructions on how to make a lei, from collecting the flowers to stringing them up and tying it off. After he was finished picking the flowers, they stopped at a nearby 7-11 to grab a beverage.

He changed shirts right there before her eyes- and her heart soared as she saw his bare chest. The upper chest was crisply defined and the torso was held tight. She didn't know if he did it intentionally to sexually arouse her, but it made a certain area of her body slick with moisture.

"Let's go somewhere and talk." She was at his mercy as he drove up into the mountains. He placed a hand inside of her thigh.

"Is it ok if I put my hand here?" He asked. Shouldn't you ask before you touch? She thought but merely nodded.

As they climbed higher, his hand slipped from beneath her knee to the top of her thighs. It glided over her smooth brown skin and each caress turned her on.

Finally, they reached Roundtop Lookout. All of Honolulu sprawled out before them.

"Wow" Sileia gasped. "How beautiful." She wished for a camera, for she knew she might not see it again. But a tentative Keli'i had other plans. With a slight tap on the shoulder, Sileia faced Keli'i. She lost herself in his charcoal eyes and found her lips pressing against his. The warm familiar embrace returned as her top and bra were pulled down and his mouth covered her right nipple. The wandering hand ventured up her thigh into the folds of her pleasure and she sighed in ecstasy. This is how you're supposed to make love She thought as her body reclined and tensed in internals. Her eyes met his again and she was smitten.

"You have rubber?" He asked as she nodded weakly, she carried it eith her as precaution and tonight she was thankful.

He restrained himself only to drive from the lookout to the side of a road across from a small park. Grabbing her hand, he led Sileia to a dark, dewey flat area and laid a beach towel down. He went over to a corner and released himself before grabbing an entranced Sileia from behind. For a moment their hips grinded against each other before he turned her around.

"On the ground." He ordered as Sileia lied down on the ground and spread her legs. After fumbling with a condom, Keli'i knelt down and placed the head at the entrance.

He pressed forward and Sileia was in an alternative world.

Her body thrashed pleasure as he thrust himself deep inside her, a normal response for someone being seduced by a man. But inside of her mind was a different story.

"So you're the reincarnate of Silluna." A deep voice thundered.
>Yeah, you want to talk to her?<
"Not at all. Actually I need to talk to him?"
"The man giving you enough orgasms to last you an eternity. I've got to talk to him."
>So?Go ahead and talk.<
"He's been refusing the connection for years. He needs someone else- a reincarnate- to help open the connection."

Sileia frowned in her mind. It appeared that the connection was indeed a very weak one.

>I"ll try...he does have a girlfriend<
"Rather it be you."

Sileia's body shuddered in ecstasy as Keli'i gave himself inside of her. She didn't want to admit it, but Sileia wanted more.

Unfortunately more didn't come.

Days followed and he avoided her, only to one day approach her and tell her the bad news.

"My girlfriend came back." He didn't look in her eyes. "I should get back with her."

"Then go back." She ordered with a cold voice. It was that simple to say/

But inside, she was heartbroken.

She had a hypnotic stare.

The young cashier at the food court reeled him, trapped him, and poisoned him with her affection. He lusted for her daily, despite having a beautiful, petite girlfriend.

The moment she left the island, he strayed. Every day he stopped by her store with one objective: to score a date with Sileia. He was patient as she muttered and stammered her refusals. But time wasn't on his side and he had to have her.

Which is why he took her flower picking. It was that night or never.

She responded to his touch exactly the way he intended. He manipulated her every move until she melted in his embrace. After releasing himself, he vowed never to stray from his girlfriend and become a better lover.

But he wasn't expecting the dreams.

The dreams were vivid and clear, every scent and touch authentic. They were dreams of old Hawai'i before the missionaries came and drastically altered the culture scape.

It forced a change within him.

He no longer had the desire to go out and party at night, drink until his vision blurred or get incredibly high. Instead of relying on random music gigs to support his lifestyle, he took up welding and began working contract jobs. He paid more attention to the problems of his family and he began to fight for his people's rights and ways of life.

This led to a bitter breakup with his girlfriend.

"What? What do you mean you don't want to be with me?" She shrieked.

"I just don't. I've changed- I'm tired of going out and partying every night. I want to settle down and take care of my family."

She was defiant in letting go, but ultimately she had returned to the Mainland. The arguing continued over the phone, which led to her pleading with him to come back.

"I promise I'll change. Please, please." She begged but he had enough of her. But not enough of Sileia.

He found it odd that she never bothered to contact him after he called it off- she respected his decision. Deep down inside, he lusted for her, craved her flesh and lsiten to music of her moans while giving himself away.

Three years passed. He was ready to give up. Then he saw her walking around Waikiki.

He swerved his car the moment his eyes fixated on her. He parked his car and waited for her to cross the street.

"Hey...remember me?" He asked and with a small gasp she hugged him. With a single kiss, the connection was established and the dreams intensified.

He dreamed longer, taking more things inside of his memory. The place was called Manista and he-he was a chief named Gevurah. His wife,Marilyle, resembled that of the ex-girlfriend and he had a child, only three years of age.

But something was wrong.

Each time he visited, people were angry, anxious, desperate and sad. Fights broke out all of the time and no matter what he did, they did not resolve without bloodshed. His heart grew heavier with an unknown burden after each dream.

"Why?" He asked out loud. "Why are they so angry?"

Then Gevurah showed him the final chapter- the cause of his people's despair. A powerful Empress and her Priestess came to the islands and annexed it to her kingdom. He had personally vowed to win the people their independence but wilted under the Queen's power.

Much like Queen Liliuokalani Keli'i thought. Was the Empress really that power?

>Her power is immense. She can dramatically alter and manipulate time and space with a touch of a finger.<

I would have fought

>There is a reason why she did it<


>A tyrant from the Northern Continent is looking for a portal that leads to your world<

His mind shut down. The conversations were fine until Gevurah mentioned other places- Aislin, Kunona, Northern Continent, Otherworld. He still refused to believe in those items, even if Gevurah insisted that they were real. To him, it was all a dream world and remained so in his mind.

His ex-girlfriend came back with tears in her eyes and bags in her hands. He took her in out of sympathy, but was determined to make her leave. Meanwhile Sileia stopped calling; she was getting fed up and impatient with him. Now he was stuck with a girl he didn't want and without a girl he did want.

Hate my life..He thought

>If you just sit here and believe, life will be much easier<

Oh yeah, how's that?

>Let me take over and talk to her<

And he did.

Fifteen books on ancient Hawaiian chants. Sileia scoured high and low for the books on island and compiled them together. Such texts were considered sacred to the kumu hula, but Sileia did not particularly care. In these chants held a pathway to the portal to Aislin and she had to find it before anyone else.

On a wide notepad, Sileia wrote the following list:


"The first thing to do is to sort the chants by location." She uttered. "Then it'll be easier to narrow down the exact location."

A clue that Gevurah told her before he connected with Keli'i was that the people of the Otherworld talked about the portal a lot in their chants and dances. Using that clue, Sileia surmised that whatever island is the most talked about had to contain the portal. She cracked open the first book, Ancient hula chants
Must find the location

He was a spectator in his own body. He watched as the spirit showered his body, dressed in his clothes, ate with his hands and spoke with his voice. It was like playing a first-person point-of-view shooter game except he wasn't in control.

And for once he was grateful.

The spirit sat on the edge of the bed where she slept and tapped her on the shoulder. Her eyes fluttered and she gasped.

It's just meKeli'i thought.
>Just listen< Gevurah replied. His hands cupped her face.
"Mari." He started.
That's not her name.
>I know what I'm doing<
"I am well. I have made it to this side. I will do everything in my power to go back."

"She-she-she-she's gone.."She stammered.

"Yes. She is gone. That is because she had a child three years ago. The birth of a child inhibits the ability for a ruler to come to the Otherworld. The connection stopped. You are no longer a reincarnate and cannot go to Aislin."

Stop it, stop it, stop it. You're filling her head with nonsense.

>Look at her<

As if peering through a lens, Keli'i saw a tearful but subtle understanding in his ex-girlfriend's eyes. She knew right then and there that the relationship was finally over. But why did it require the spirit and that place for God's sake?

>You have a lot to learn<

Just shut it and finish

"It is best for you to have a normal life now. Keli'i will get more involved with Aislin- to the point he may go there. For your safety and sanity, it is better to keep your distance."

Now hold on

"Thank you for your presence. You reminded me of my wife back home. I was able to relive those precious memories while I could. But that time has passed and now is the time for fight. Leave. It will get dangerous. The Empress is making her move." With that, the lips brushed her forehead and her eyes slide shut into a deep sleep.

Woah,woah, woah, hold up, wait a minute. Dangerous? Memories? Empress?

>That Sileia girl the reincarnate of the powerful Empress<

Who is searching for the portal?

>On this end<

What is she going off of?

>The chants of your ancestors. They knew about our world and went there often.<

And they sang about it?

>Sang, danced anything they could to express the route<

Do you think it got lost after all has happened?

>I doubt it. Some kumu hula have it in plain words. She is bound to find it.<

So what do we do?

>What do you think? We find it fight and prevent her from going through<

Keli'i thanked Gevurah for severing the final tie with his ex-girlfriend but he was still at his cryptic messages.

She was different and Keli'i detested it.

Instead of a short afro that he was particularly fond of, she implanted thick dreadlocks that reached the middle of her back. Her makeup-less face was now flawless with heavy onyx eyeliner, golden eyeshadow and ruby lips. Pearl and silver bracelets covered her wrists and a white puka-shell necklace adorned her neck with matching shell earrings.

Today she wore a sleeveless white dress that reached to her ankles; it had a v-neck showcasing her cleavage and ruffles on the edges. White sandals met the end of the dress and lifted her only an inch off of the ground. Her blood-red nails held over 100 plumerias of different colors and she wasn't wearing her glasses.

He wanted to get out of his car, stride over to her, and peel it all away. But it was almost midnight, and the tow trucks were constantly patrolling the parking lot, looking for a car to take away. Instead, he watched while Sileia's feet and hips moved in rhythm of a silent drum. They remained fixed over each stumble, pause, trip, and recovery while the body continuously practiced the movements.

Why is she doing this?He asked. She's almost gone mad.

>It's the Aislin element fused with her spirit.< Keli'i grunted.

The Aislin element?

>During the Great War of the North, the spirits of the ruler escaped to here, the Otherworld. They merely resided in their reincarnates' bodies until the actual host reached an age of understanding- most were 13,14,15 years of age. Then the spirits came out and started communicating with them, leading the hosts to a portal where they could meet the actual rulers.

After the war was over, the spirits flew back to the Otherworld to continue their royal lives. Now that a second war is brimming, some of the spirits fled again but this time they are fusing with their hosts- synchronizing both their power and thoughts to the host. <

Do they feel that there is no hope in returning to their home world?

>Not at all. The aim is to bring their hosts over to Aislin and be their direct descendants to carry on the family blood line. You see, since the Great War, some of the original rulers married and had children. This prevents them from spiriting over to this world in case of a crisis. They are able to send the spirit of the child into the Otherworld but they themselves cannot enter the Otherworld. The unmarried, childless ones are still able to spirit over and since the Great War feel that it will be nearly impossible to reproduce, so they are attempting spiritual fusion.<

But from the dreams, it appears as though Silluna and her empire wasn't involved in the Great War.

>No, it wasn't involved in the Great War, but in the reconstruction. Silluna and Sileia are a special case. Due to the great pressure on her life, Silluna felt that she would not ever marry and have children, so she spirited over to the Otherworld to find a capable heir. Sileia is the heir and Silluna began to spiritually merge with her since she was 9. Sileia resisted at times, but eventually after she turned 20, she accepted her fate. The spiritual fusion of the two are almost complete and who knows what may happen.<

You mean the Spiritual fusion has never happened before?

>Not with extremely powerful people as the rulers. Queen Silluna has power of time and space and so it worries me should the merge complete and Sileia ventures to Aislin if everything will become worried.<

Is that the main reason you want me to stop her?

>That, and I'm secretly rooting for you two.<

Keli'i looked at his sweaty, callused hands. He could still feel the smooth, velvety tone of her skin, the musky green tea scent she always carried in a misty cloud. It had changed to a organic tea tree smell and the skin was ten times richer than before. Every kiss and whisper he imprinted on her body and soul- was it all gone now?

Tell me more about the spiritual fusion process.

>It differs from person to person. There are two aspects of the fusion process: one consists of the memory and the other of the ability. The memory is the more dangerous one because it brings the entire history of the Aislin world into this world and contains the thoughts of a lot of people from both dimensions. It doesn't necessarily erase the memories of the Otherworld host, but it makes them more Aislin-like. As you can see, Sileia's appearance has radically changed since I've left her body and Silluna has complete control. She doesn't appear to be of this world- but of Aislin. It means the spiritual memory fusion is nearly complete in her body.<

What about the ability?

>Her ability is low, but then again it is appropriate since time and space distortion isn't necessarily the kind of ability you want to give instantly. In contrast to me and you, in which the elemental power is pretty commonplace, ability fusion between the two will be very slow.<

I'm gaining your ability?

>Yes. You can't expect to just waltz to her and tell her to stop what she is doing, don't you? She isn't going to listen to you anymore- your tearful ex-girlfriend devastated her emotions that she put them elsewhere.<

He couldn't believe it. Damn her! Why did she have to come back and become a leech in his life? Her appearance caused Sileia to become who she was now- a shell of her original self. He wanted the real Sileia back, the one he met three years ago.

>Another interesting case is that of Arialei Minalia, the Queen's trusted adviser. Arialei completely spirited away to the Otherworld at the time of the Great War and was reborn into a new body alongside her sister. The Aislin Arialei did not awaken fully until the Otherworld Arialei was at an appropriate age and the fusion was instant. This world's Arialei has all the powers as the Aislin Arialei did and most of the memories.<

Where is Arialei?

>On island, but Sileia keeps a close watch on Arialei; after all Arialei was her closest friend and ally. The only case studies to watch are of two monarchs, Lucille Sorcerie and Desuynet Tzat. I only know their name, but supposedly the two women are unmarried and have spirited away for fusion.<

He did not want to talk or think anymore. Over the course of their conversation, Sileia had finished dancing and was now headed to inner Waikiki. He missed when she had walked past his car- but he could feel both a feeling of anger and sadness from the movement of her spiritual presence.

The tow truck re-entered the parking lot and began to circle around his Jeep. Turning on the ignition, he drove the car out of the parking lot and onto the road back to the valley.

I have to stop her before she goes mad...

His ears fell deaf to a blood-hurdling scream not too far from the parking lot.

Her bare feet walked across the rough gravel that coated the haphazard pavement. The bright street lights blinded her sight from the few remaining cars in the parking lot. The roar of the incoming tide over rode the sirens, the laughing teenagers and the blaring reggae music. The trade winds pulled back the thick dreadlocks to reveal a painted face of golden eyes, cheeks and ruby lips. Black eyeliner extended to the edge of her face where crystal chandelier earrings hung just above her shoulders.

The white puka shell necklace hugged tightly to her neck as over a dozen of silver bangles and pearl bracelets coated her wrists. Each ring finger had a Sterling silver engraved ring- the left held turquoise, the right jade-and her ankles were shackled in white beads. She donned a satin, sleeveless white dress that created a v to her chest and an a to her ankles.

In the ideal world, today would be our wedding day..

She carefully stepped onto the large, black rocks that separated the shallow reef from the rapid development of Waikiki. With her bag leaning against the parking stall, she held a knife in her right hand. Holding the left hand out, she looked out into the star-studded night sky.

And tonight we would have consummated our marriage.

In a steady, swift motion, the sharp edge of the knife sliced open a thin, narrow line on her left wrist. As the blood began to trickle out, she waved her hand over the water.

But this is reality, and we cannot be together.

The deep red blood turned to a pale blue mist which hung in the sky. With a deep breath, Sileia concentrated her entire spirit into the mist.

I love you, Keli'i to the bottom of my heart! I will store all of my emotions for you in a separate dimension so that I can heal completely and be completely focused on my mission! Oh, oh Keli'i I dreamed of being your wife, your soulmate, your lover! And in my mind, in this dimension that I will create, we are! We are together, married and with a child on the way! Oh I love you so much!

The mist concentrated into a single ball as it turned a rose pink. She smiled as the pink ball zoomed off into the atmosphere to take its place among the stars.

That is how it is meant to be...my Keli'i..

A loud humming noise distracted Sileia and just as she turned her head towards the noise, a black ball of mist blanketed her eyes. She fell to her knees as her entire body writhed in emotional and mental pain. Opening her eyes, she let out a scream that could not be heard in reality.

To: Lucy Sorcerie
From: Arialei Minalia
Re: Important matter

It has been months since I received your last letter. Are you doing well after the incident, dearest sister? I would scold you for putting yourself in the line of fire knowing good and well your life was at stake, but I suppose that is how you like to live life, isn't it?

Have you heard from Tehryerah? Do you hear from Professor Linarea or seen Grace? How is Saiboty doing? Have you communicated with any of the old gang- Christi, Bran, Steel, Lanny, Genesis? I have to admit that I haven't kept up with them after graduation as I followed my sister out here to these islands.

It's time to get main point of the letter, however. I have been informed by a rather ambitious girl that a portal to Aislin exists in these islands. Furthermore, I've been getting those dreams again- and supposedly Dierdre has another tyrant on their hands that is LOOKING for this portal- fancy a read on any of this?

The girl, Sileia, is VERY determined to find this portal for her own personal reasons and it worries me slightly so. Perhaps it is best if one of us finds it first.


Another bloody portal? Lucy thought as she flicked her wrist to reply to the message. She can't be serious!
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